Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Online Reputation

Dustin, I looked you up online and found a lot of information on who you are. Or at least who the internet says you are.  Your LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media sites helped me to gather my information. Everything below is what I was able to learn.

I started off by looking for details in your professional life. What I found was interesting. First up was LinkedIn. Based on what I found you are an Intellectual Property Attorney at Superior IP located in Salt Lake City. You went to college at the University of Washington where you graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. Before then you graduated with your first degree, Biochemistry, at Brigham Young University. Also you graduated from the University of Maryland Baltimore with a Law degree. You are highly skilled at working with patents and trademarking which brings me to believe your specialty within law is patenting.  You are a very accomplished person for someone so young.

Suspecting that this was not you I decided to check on your Twitter profile. What I found there was pretty intriguing. For starters I did not know you were bald. Based on your bio you are a “political professional”. Based on some of your retweets I gathered you are a Republican who lives in the Woodland/Sacramento area of California with your wife. There was a hyperlink attached to your bio that I clicked on which took me to your professional website. There I found out you earned the achievement of being able to call yourself an Eagle Scout. You studied political science with an emphasis in public service at the University of California Davis. You specialize in political campaigning, legislative operations, policy development and volunteer organizations. Currently you serve as Chairman of the Yolo County Republican Party and you are the youngest County Chairman in the state of California. That sounds like a great accomplishment to be able to tell people such a thing.

It seemed like every link I clicked on, you were some form of an attorney or political affiliate. So I decided to take a different approach and started to add attributes with your name. The first one I added was Utah State and I finally found you. Your professional LinkedIn account was the first to show up. After reading it I was able to gather a little bit of information about you. You consider yourself to be an entrepreneur. Also, you currently work at Keepsake Cottage Home Interiors as a secretary. Based on that information I gathered you like fashion and being able to create decorations.

The last item I checked was Facebook.  This was by far the easiest way to find you, mainly because we have a shared group in common with one another. When I went to your profile I was not able to find too much about you due to your settings. Based on what I could see I was able to gather you enjoy traveling and being with your friends. A few years ago you were, and possibly still are, close to a girl name Keiyana. You and your mother have a close relationship with each other.

After researching you this is what I have come to conclude. You have a very common name so it can be rather difficult for people to find you online. The most looked up people with your name are political figures and attorneys. This also tells me something else. You do not bolster your life on social media. If you do, a person would have to know what attributes to search under your name. Based on your FaceBook page I gathered you are somewhat a private person who does not mind allowing people to see small aspects of your life. The downside of having such a common name is you need to have something to help you stand out from others with your name especially when someone is looking at your LinkedIn. So I would consider expanding more on your professional page. Remember the world is becoming more active on social media so make yourself easier to find.


  1. Haha the start of this had me laughing, and i set all my profile setting to private and made things hard to find out information about me to see what you could dig up ?!? Everything is switched back to public and open to anyone. Interesting on what you found, nice work!

  2. And we went to Snow College at the same time as me